Miss Merlynda

Ventriloquist Club

Live Comedy Cabaret

Performances For Adults-Only 

Thursday & Saturday Nights


 Seats:  £6.50 per Adult

- or:  £11.00 for 2 Seats

Miss Merlynda Ventriloquist Club

St Anne's - Bucks Mills - Bideford - Devon EX39 5DY

Book Seats/Enquiries - t:  01237 431166

'The more you can make people laugh - the less time they'll have to cry' ...

Miss Merlynda 
- Professional
Ventriloquist -

Miss Merlynda is a professional Ventriloquist and Puppeteer - performing her unique brand of Comical Ventriloquism with her Cast of Cheeky Chatty Ventriloquist Dummies and vintage Ventriloquial Dolls - at a wide variety of Events, Receptions, Festivals, in Theatres, Cabaret Clubs, Pubs, Hotels, Open Mic and Spoken Word Events, Comedy Festivals and Events - and even live on BBC Radio and Commercial Radio!   During one such live radio performance she instructed the BBC radio DJ how to perform ventriloquism using a real pineapple!  Miss Merlynda is also a former 'Punch & Judy Show Professor' - and she created her entire 'P&J' Performance Cast in papier mache.  Miss Merlynda also performs 'Walkabout' and 'Mix and Mingle' Ventriloquism at Festivals, Wedding Receptions, Black Tie Dinners, in Cabaret Clubs and Pubs, as Street Theatre and at Private and Corporate Dinners and Events.  Miss Merlynda is the Founder and Resident Trainer of 'The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain' - and has been entertaining audiences live for over 35 years.  Miss Merlynda is an LLAM and ALAM of LAMDA - a Full Member of Equity (Variety Artistes) - and a Full Member of The British Puppet Model Theatre Guild.

Miss Merlynda
- Award-Winning
Comedy Poet -

Miss Merlynda is an multi Award-Winning Comedy Poet For Adults - and a Comedy Poet For Children. She's the Winner of 'The Golden Grove/Forward Poetry Award' and 'The PIM Poetry Award' - the Highly-Commended Award-Winner of 'The Portico Poetry Prize''- and has won many Highly-Commended Awards for her Poems, Short Stories and Comedy Monologues. She was a regular Columnist with The Observer Magazine and a Scriptwriter with Q International.  She was  Editor of 'The Poetry Box Magazine' - and - the Founder of 'The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain Duologue Award' .  Her hilarious and satirical comical poems are published in  46 Poetry Anthologies, as 16 Solo Poetry Collections and  as 3 Audio-Books - and a published Collection of her Comedy Monologues: 'ACT! Alone' is frequently performed at drama festivals. She was commissioned by The Art Institute to create and write 'Master The Art' - a 850k word art tutorial course.  She performs her Comedy Poetry at Festivals,  in Theatres, Pubs, Clubs, and at public and private Events.  Her Poetry Collections are Available To Buy via Waterstone's and All Good Bookshops.  

Miss Merlynda
- Award-Winning
Comedy Singer-Songwriter -

Miss Merlynda is a multi Award-Winning Comedy Songwriter - a 5 x Semi-Finalist in the UKSC and a Highly-Commended Songwriter of The WM Composers Award For Song.  Miss Merlynda's songs have been premiered at MiDEM in Cannes, France, and her Piano and Keyboard Compositions have been choreographed and premiered at The EQ International Festival of Dance in Ireland by the Royal Academy of Dance.  Over 100 of Mis Merlynda's Songs have been published to date.  Miss Merlynda's singing voice is highly unusual - having the same vocal range as Frank Sinatra - and has been described by BATCOM as 'having the timbre and range of the Tenor Saxophone'.  Miss Merlynda plays Piano and Keyboards - and her naughty Comedy Cabaret Songs and Live Performances are considered equal to those of the great comedic singer-songwriters: Flanders & Swan and Victoria Wood.  As a professional Ventriloquist, Miss Merlynda performs her Naughty and Satirical Comedy Songs with the 'assistance' of her Cheeky Chatty Ventriloquist Dummies and vintage Ventriloquial Dolls!

Miss Merlynda
- Award-Winning
Cartoonist -

Miss Merlynda is an Award-Winning Cartoonist - she is the Winner of 'The Leaf Book-Jacket Award' - and her Cartoonist's pseudonym is 'Kitty Pigfish'.  Her satirical Cartoons are regularly exhibited at 'The International Salon of Press Cartoonists'' in France  and her artworks are Collected, Published, Auctioned and Exhibited internationally.  A full 'Exhibitions' List is available upon request - here follows a short selection of her Exhibitons to date:  The Royal Watercolour Society, The Pastel Society, The Raw Gallery, London, The Westminster Gallery, London, The NorthBank Gallery, London, The Mall Galleries, London, The International Grand Prix of Watercolourists, France, Art Addiction Gallery, Sweden, The Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, The Seagate Gallery, Dundee,, The Harvey Gallery, and The KD Gallery both in Surrey.   Her artworks appear in the collections of the McLaren Formula 1 Team Principal and the late HM Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother.

Miss Merlynda's Ventriloquist Characters 

Miss Merlynda & 'Princess E'

'Princess E' is a naughty flirty young lady from the Capital - with a voice that could  axe an Essex barge in half!  ''Princess E' loves to embarrass all the gorgeous men  in the audience with her sexy costumes - and her suggestive compliments!  Watch Out Lads!

Miss Merlynda & 'Mahoney'

'Mahoney' is a fun andfurry creature from Outer Space!  He's high - wild - and wired!  Is it simply the oxygen in the atmosphere? - Or - Is he actually 'on' something?

Miss Merlynda
& 'Duncan L DoLittle'

'Duncan L DoLittle' is a very cute and cheeky chappie - who enjoys a glass (or twenty!) - and adores a good tickling!  Flirting with all the lovely ladies in the audience - You might just fall in love and want to take him home with you!

Miss Merlynda
& 'Ginger Beans - 'The Incredible Farting Choirboy!'

'Ginger Beans' is a cheeky - and often highly irreligious - Choirboy from the North whose curiosity about the 'good book' knows no bounds!  He also farts a lot! - Particularly when the 'Right Rev. Miss Merlynda' is delivering her 'Soporiphic Sermons' and 'Jolly Homilies'! Hold your breath! - And check your 'PC' at the door!

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